Patrons Profiles: Bret Viberg and Collaboration

A big part of my Himel Brothers project was to create a brand that celebrates being Canadian.  So many clothing brands are secretly made here in Canada and so many Canadians are secretly living prominent lives in the good ole U.S.A. hiding their Canadian identities and I didn’t want to be one of them.

The names and themes of HBL celebrate all things Canadian, from my neighbourhood, to the animals and people that live here in the Great White North.  One of my earliest supporters and customers was one of the few globally celebrated Canadian brand owners Bret Viberg of Viberg boots.  Bret and I have become great friends, not only that but he has bought a couple of  Himel Brothers jackets!

Another incredible talent that Bret has is his tremendous ability to collaborate.  As a small growing business is it good to share information but collaboration is a key strategy for brand building.  Bret has been a key supporter,  spreading the word about Himel Brothers.  When running micro brands you have to be on the constant hunt for new innovative materials, ideas and stock.  I’ve been out searching old factories, looking at techniques to make authentic old style buttons, hunting down perfect leathers for my jackets and I’ve had a bunch of buddies to share information and resources with.  Together we are going to put Canadian clothing proudly back on the list of cool brands and innovative design and production!


Patrons Profiles: Mikel and His Buffalo Delivered

Mikel received his jacket and wrote me a nice note.  I thought I would share it….not to brag simply to let my potential customers know that when they order online a bespoke jacket that they can feel confident they are getting the best jacket possible.  Mikel is one of my best customers and I am honoured to have him! “Dave , Yesterday I was wearing your jacket and Everybody went crazy ! I went to the coolest places like SELF EDGE , STRONGHOLD or RRL  , and I was asked about the jacket everywhere ! Everybody loves It ! M” Thank You to M. and all my customers!  If you are curious about Mikel’s music this is his website…

Prototyping: Mixed Media …Materials and Design

I spent the better part of last week developing some new ideas for my jackets.  I have a whack of designs that I am working out for some very exclusive retailers.  A lot  of my experience working and hanging out with other designers as well as my fascination with odd and old designs has led me down the road of mixed media.  That is to say, the beauty of old world materials like wool, leather and oil skin cotton should be mixed and matched to create beautiful well balanced jackets.  Usually I make smaller prototypes and have friends try them on.  Winter is approaching and I wanted to make two jackets I could wear in the cold.  I wanted them to be warm and in the case of the oilskin, moderately water proof.



This is Italian dark brown horsehide, with black oilskin and 1930s ball and chain chest zippers mixed with old stock lightning cuff zippers.  The inside is thick heavy Melton wool body liner and cotton twill sleeves.

The second jacket is a perfect blend of European veg. tanned goat skin, in two tones, with plaid wool body and a beige flannel liner.  Nice for mid weather, I used my deadstock 1930s urethane rimmed buttons and an nice simple tube cut.  It really creates a balance of simple beauty and nice details.  The A gusset stands out in leather against the dark rich greens of the plaid.  I think these are really beautiful but I wont know until I wear them out in the world and see what my friends think!