Himel Brothers Leather: Arrival in Los Angeles and CraftWorkWear!

One of the very nice benefits of flying to Los Angeles for Rin Tanaka’s Inpiration Show was meeting all the amazing local fashion genii that reside in the greater L.A. area.  My blogging has helped me grow many virtual friendships.  These computer friendships are often difficult to manifest in the real world when the world of clothing nuts is so spread out across so many countries.  In L.A. I was determined to meet Bill Sack, vintage shoe nut and co-owner of a very special store known as Craft Work Wear .  I am very very proud to announce that Himel Brothers Leather jackets can be seen and tried on at their store on 513 N La Cienega.  Bill has created a gallery space celebrating his love of vintage inspired clothing, vintage clothing and boots.  His love and knowledge of boots would make Imelda Marcos blush.  I asked Bill about his store before I decided that they would be the best representative for my jackets in L.A., ok …I asked him after but I knew he was cool!

Me: Bill, how did you get into clothing?

Bill: From as far back as I can remember I’ve always been a clothes horse.  All my extra coin went to clothes.  I was always attracted to classic Menswear…. from Prep to Workwear, but enjoyed playing around with the  traditional “rules”, and mixed the two, trying to achieve my own flavor.  Growing up I was on the fat side…. My best bet to get laid was to be  funnier and better dressed than the empty-headed, flip- flop clad,  pretty-boy standing next to me.

Me:  Bill what is your clothing philosophy?

Bill:  I’d call my clothing philosophy Dandy-Street-Americana. There’s an  appreciation for history there… Both for manufacturing and  construction. The history of certain pieces or silhouettes.  Understanding the original application or inspiration, but then making it  my own by purposefully turning some of those conventions on their head.  Sometimes it means going over the top with FOLLOWING traditional  sartorial rules (i.e. the Dandy side), or abandoning them all together  and creating something contemporary and new (the Street side).

Me:  Hey Bill,  what is your store concept?

Bill:  We’re aiming with the store, to offer a mix that defies typical  boutique categorization. The goal isn’t to offer a 1940’s uniform from  head to toe. We try to put together a collection that represents what we  would want in our closets. Some stuff is pricier and more fashion  forward, like Japanese brand Kapital, but we also have a good selection  of locally manufactured basic’s like 1939 and Farm Tactics. We really  try to shine light on brands that are making GOOD stuff…. not just  marketing themselves well. Good, honest products that are what they are  even if you never saw their lookbook or read their blog…………  Oh….. And we sell your jackets too…. They’re alright I guess…

Me:  Gee Bill thanks …your alright..good people.


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