Lady Kensington, Canucks and Europe

Now well into fall I am behind on my orders.  Part of the struggle of running a small brand is that I cannot replicate myself.  I am in a constant struggle to keep up with the demands of producing really really high quality jackets with a tiny team and tiny resources.  This year I have been incredibly lucky to start relationships with some of the best stores in Europe and the U.S.A.  I am ecstatic that my jackets are desired and selling and am now facing the challenges of meeting production demands and regulatory requirements of the countries involved. What a crazy business!  I have to become an expert very quickly at bureaucracy that I am completely unfamiliar with!  These are new designs and materials that I have put together this month.  Sadly I had to model the first Japanese Shinki horsehide Canuck myself as I made it size huge for the test jacket!


Designing a Pattern: Handmade and Hand Grade!

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