Bread and Butter Berlin: Viberg, Himelbros and Inspiration

Well so many things are going on in the new year and I am playing catch up as usual.  I have had some great customers last year and I am thankful I’m still here and launching into the new year with exciting new jackets!  So I would like to extend a big thankyou to all of you who follow my blogs, and my little tiny company and an especially large thankyou to all those that have bought jackets.  I will of course be posting all the reviews by my customers on this blog this month.  I am honoured to have so many pleasant compliments in my in box!

So big news for those living in Europe interested in seeing jacket in person.  Brett Viberg of Viberg Boots will be previewing some of my jackets at Bread and Butter Berlin this week.  If you happen to be in Germany drop in and say hello to Brett, he is not just a fan but a collaborator and is launching his own line of clothing at the show!!  Also for my American friends, Himelbros will be going to Los Angeles for Rin Tanaka’s Inspiration Show and will be show cased by Eric Schrader of Junkyard Jeans in his booth at the bottom of the Queen Mary.  Come down to the show if you are in L.A. in February to see the action, as some of the best and greatest in the design business will be hanging about shaking hands and kissing cheeks!

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