Girl Jackets in Buffalo and Goat

I have been developing some really hot women’s jackets of late.  Because I am starting to get busy, and because blogging on all of the sites is time consuming, I have not been able to share the stages that got me to this final product.  That being said, there has been quite a barrage of emails in my in box asking me when I am coming out with a women’s jacket.  Well this is the finished product.  Two versions have been tested so far, one longer model and one shorter one.  This shorty that I made here is done in Canadian Buffalo leather with the camo lining and in goatskin with the black lining.  The buffalo is a grainy soft slightly stretchy hand, and by contrast the goatskin is very very tough to the touch and has much less give.  Each effect acts differently on the pattern but I am very very happy with the result!

New Jackets….Finishing Christmacha Orders

Well its the holidays around here and between shopping for friends and family, and throwing a rockin partaaay over here in Himel central, Nancy has to tolerate my last minute rush to get Christmas orders out the door.  A few lucky fellows ordered jackets at the end of November and while it was a challenge I am finishing them on Christmas Eve.  Granted I am going to be running to my moms for dinner…I liked the way they looked so much that I thought I would do a quick post and share.  So posting in haste …post haste seems to be the order of my afternoon.  The buffalo bear jacket is the third one I have made in 2 months.  Luckily this one is my size so I get to try the 48 on and see how the jacket actually looks and wears. The dark brown Heron has a new burgandy wool lining that I just recently got in and it looks wicked!  I love making jackets and so far the feed back has been wonderful.  Mailing em next week!!!!