Bread and Butter Berlin 2012

This was a very exciting summer for me.  I had the chance to attend and show Himel Brothers Leather at Bread and Butter in the beautiful city of Berlin.  Having never been to Berlin Nancy and I jumped on the chance to find new customers and meet supporters.  It was the perfect choice as many of my European friends rarely get the opportunity to fly to North America.  We arrived in the city to find ourselves staying in one of the coolest areas of the former Eastern Block  and is the historic core of Berlin.  We rented an apartment and found ourselves smack dab in front of bars and cafes and possibly one of the most wonderful transit systems on the planet.  Oh German beer and subways make my home town of Toronto pale in Comparison.  We set up for the show in the exclusive Lock section of the Tempelhof airport.  This historic building was one of the biggest on the earth when built, and even had an underground factory and rail system.  This was flooded by the Russians in WW 2 as unexploded booby traps laced the underground floors.  So we were hanging out on top of bombs!  I met amazing people during the show.  Viberg and I shared a booth, and the brands like Pike Brothers, Merz B. Schwanen, Nigel Cabourn, and Dehen sweaters were all hangin out.  Everyday was an A list fashion event, with dinners and meetings to boot.  While we were spending time shaking hands and having meetings with stores like 14Oz, VMC and The Self Edge, at night it was all dinners and parties.  The lads from Silvetto came down from Scandinavia, and many of my good Japanese friends from The Flathead, Lightning and Clutch magazines spent hours eating, chatting and giving me excellent advice!!  I was super excited meeting  Fredrick, Eric Jost and Roger Hatt for the first time in person, and the whole Flathead team. I wish I could detail every single bit here but suffice to say Berlin was awesome and so was the Pizza!