New Linings: Part 2

Well unexpectedly today a package came into the store downstairs.  Nice and heavy, I lugged the box up three flights of stairs and opened up my little present.  Needless to say given that I am thinking about liners and design a lot due to my little Easter lamb supply, I was super happy when part 2 arrived.  Part 2 you ask:  yes little Johnny my WW 2 twill reversible camouflage Marine Core cotton party has begun.  This fabric used to mean serious money in the vintage world.  It was a rare rare day when I might find HBT camo pants from the Asian theater.  Maybe they might even have a grenade pouch on the bum. While for most people this brings back old John Wayne movies, or toy soldiers, the recognizable fabric and authentic garments meant serious serious money for the jacket, pants, poncho, tent or coveralls discovered from military collectors.  Well, while still war hating and pacifistic most of the time, I am still a little kid around military gear.  I was at the Outdoors show recently playing with the real soldiers and their toys and of course thinking about Camo.  Now I have my perfect reversible WW 2 camo fabric just sitting here, out of breath, imagining all the things I can make with it.  I’ve seen so many brands using this fabric…I somehow feel entitled after spending years hunting for it in raghouses for vintage collectors.  I hope to make something worthy of its “heritage”!