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One of the bonus of what I do is that the people really really into good jackets, vintage jackets seek me out through the web.  Until the availability of free blogging I was basically hidden away here in Toronto.  With the advent of the blogger platform I have been able to reach out to cool jacket heads all over the planet.  One of the coolest I’ve met is Dan Auerbach of the Black Keys.  A few months back  Dan bought a specialized Avro D Pocket jacket from me to tour in.  My good friend Matt at Immogene and Willy introduced us.  My global network of new friends keeps expanding!  Dan is super cool and while was in town he brought his tourmates including Gus by my warehouse to check out Himel Brothers Jackets and order some new ones. Super cool fun, the best part is that he really knows his shit.  Dan brought the Arctic Monkeys by too.  Alex and Matt  love their Lewis Leathers which is awesome  because the owner Derek Harris is a pal and we go way back!  They also were a laugh all the way from Sheffield, England, where I spend some of my youth!  They hung out for a bit but my jackets were not their style…but the vintage Brooks two tone looked cool.  Second best part: reminded me of why I got into the jacket making business which was to make people look cool and not have to wear craptastic jackets! Im learning…hopefully the historical designs will get better.



New Projects New Leather: Pop!!!
New Linings: Part 2


  1. Hangin with the cool…..Hime, you lucky Dog….hey! next time you are going to be out my way, please let me know, would love to meet up with you , i.e vegas, LA whatever…..none of it far from me.

    Take care my friend….Matt

  2. Great looking pictures…

  3. oddly I have managed to make weird tublr posts where people seem to find my jackets odd…and offensive…oh well the world of the internet is wild and wierd…but I have to say it is quite an roller coaster making jackets…Ive been lucky to know and work with so many awesome people..espcially guys like Lewis and some of the most awesome japanese brands….

  4. hey the newest issue of q magazine is out and the black keys are the cover shot, looks like one of your jacket, might wanna hunt it down

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