The Secret Plans to My Leather Jacket Empire!

I have spent the last 48 hours trying to put together an order form PDF for Himel Brothers Leather jackets.  Happily my procrastination has lead me down the garden path away from PDFs to my secret nerd compulsion for blueprints. I think back to my first set of plans that came in a tube:  20 posters for the Star Ship Enterprise. Well then I feel I should share!



Finishing a Jacket: Keyhole Buttons and John Reece
Inspiration 2011: Los Angeles’ Premier Vintage Show and Himel Brothers


  1. Way cool Hime! As you know, I am an architectural designer and do actual blueprints for a living, at least try to… :) (of course now it’s all black on white printing). I love your pdf with the old school blueprints. BTW I may be doing a custom lodge style home in Whistler B.C. Plans are in the works! I’ll stay in touch1

    Good to see your biz up and running and it looks very promising, happy for you!

    Sincerely, Matt

  2. Thanks Matt..I’m glad someone reads this blog, ;O)….up, running and looking for customers!

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